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The Christensen Family


This exhibit includes images of the Christensen Brothers from their childhood and members of their family. Also includes images from a scrapbook circa 1920s-1930s.


Early Performances and the Vaudeville Circuit


This exhibit includes images from the Christensen brothers on performing on the Vaudeville circuit. Primarily includes images of Lew and Willam and their performing partners, Wiora Storey and Mignon Lee. Also includes images from early performances and from the brothers' training.


The Beginnings of a Ballet Legacy


This exhibit includes images from the brothers' days at the American Ballet Ensemble at the Metropolitan Opera, Ballet Caravan, American Ballet Caravan, and others. It also includes some performances of the brothers with San Francisco Opera Ballet and San Francisco Ballet. This also includes programs and press clippings featuring the brothers and their spouses. Most images are from 1935-1942 and they showcase how the Christensen brothers began to leave their mark on American ballet.


Lew Christensen and San Francisco Ballet


This includes images from Lew Christensen's days as co-Artistic Director with Willam, sole Artistic Director, and then co-Artistic Director with Michael Smuin of San Francisco Ballet. This includes social images taken during this time, promotional portraits, and images of San Francisco Ballet dancers in his choreographic works and tours (including the tour to Jacob's Pillow). Also included are excerpts and covers of programs from works Lew Christensen participated in during his tenure. Also included is the program for his memorial service and a memorial article written by Lincoln Kirstein following his death in October 1984.