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Flyer for Willam Christensen's San Francisco Ballet Company performance, circa 1942-1945. Features image of Ruby Asquith.

Promotional Flyer for San Francisco Ballet Guild presenting Willam Christensen's Triumph of Hope and other performances at the War Memorial Opera House, Front of the Flyer has a painted image and credits for various creative parties involved with…

Advertisement in Spanish for American Ballet performance in the El Colombiano, October 8, 1941. Includes images of Lew Christensen and Gisella Caccialanza. 

Portuguese language brochure for American Ballet performances at Teatro Municipal, Brazil, June 1941. LC-0191-A.TIF (Front and Back cover of brochure. Front cover features Lew Christensen possibly as the title character from Adolph Bolm and George…

General information brochure for American Ballet Caravan, Summer 1939 LC-0190-A.TIF (Front cover and back cover of brochure. Front Cover includes tag line "ABC of the American Dance", back cover includes press blurbs) LC-0190-B.TIF (Collage of images…

Brochure for the Cecelia Schultz "Dance Theatre Series" 1938-1939 Season (features Ballet Caravan and San Francisco Opera Ballet)
LC-0187-A.TIF (Cover of Brochure)
LC-0187-B-D.TIF (Panels featuring the various dance groups coming through, LC-0187-B…

Brochure for Ballet Caravan performance at Avery Memorial Auditorium, January 6 and 7, 1938  LC-0176-A.TIF(Side 1 of brochure with summary information) LC-0176-B.TIF (Side 2 of brochure with detailed information about the Program, including Filling…
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