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San Francisco Ballet's Memorial to Lew Christensen [Program] (both sides of brochure included)

Scrapbook page featuring images and a text caption from an American Ballet program

Scrapbook page featuring images and a text caption from an American Ballet program.  Includes 3 color images and the start of an article titled "An American Ballet". Top left image: 2 female dancers and one male dancer (one female dancer visible only…

Page from unidentified program featuring a collage of performers in various pieces from American Ballet's repertory. The American Ballet assumption based on the images from "Apollo" featuring Lew Christensen in the title role.

Cover and selected pages from the souvenir program of musical Bittersweet, performed at the War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, Summer 1951. Lew Christensen did the choreography. LC-0192-A.TIF (Front cover) LC-0192-B.TIF (Full cast and credits…

Pages from Dance Players' performance at the National Theatre, April 21, 1942. One of the earliest performances, possibly the premiere Lew Christensen's Jinx.  LC-0193-A.TIF (Information page about Dance Players and featured performers: Eugene…

Cover and select pages from the American Ballet South American Tour (June-December 1941) Souvenir Program (Spanish Language Program) featuring Lew Christensen and/or his choreographic works. LC-0192-A.TIF (Front cover. Features Lew Christensen with…

LC-0189-A.TIF (Cover of Program and back cover of program) LC-0187-B.TIF (Casting and program information for "Air and Variations" choreographed by William Dollar, "City Portrait" choreographed by Eugene Loring, "Charade; or the Debutante"…

Program for the Cecelia Schultz "Dance Theatre Series" featuring Ballet Caravan, Moore Theatre, October 29. 1938 LC-0187-A.TIF (Cover of Program) LC-0187-B.TIF (On left hand side, promotion for upcoming performance of San Francisco Opera Ballet…

Program of the Sociedad Pro-Arte Musical performance of Ballet Caravan, Havana, Cuba  (Spanish language program).  LC-0186-A.TIF (Side 1 of trifold brochure, including program information and location in Spanish) LC-0186-B.TIF (Casting and program…
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