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LC-0189-A.TIF (Cover of Program and back cover of program) LC-0187-B.TIF (Casting and program information for "Air and Variations" choreographed by William Dollar, "City Portrait" choreographed by Eugene Loring, "Charade; or the Debutante"…

General information brochure for American Ballet Caravan, Summer 1939 LC-0190-A.TIF (Front cover and back cover of brochure. Front Cover includes tag line "ABC of the American Dance", back cover includes press blurbs) LC-0190-B.TIF (Collage of images…

Portuguese language brochure for American Ballet performances at Teatro Municipal, Brazil, June 1941. LC-0191-A.TIF (Front and Back cover of brochure. Front cover features Lew Christensen possibly as the title character from Adolph Bolm and George…

Cover and select pages from the American Ballet South American Tour (June-December 1941) Souvenir Program (Spanish Language Program) featuring Lew Christensen and/or his choreographic works. LC-0192-A.TIF (Front cover. Features Lew Christensen with…

Collage of images from Lew Christensen's Filling Station in Ballet Caravan's Souvenir program

Image of Gisella Caccialanza in a performance of Lew Christensen's Le Gourmand

Image of Lew Christensen instructing a young ballet student

Image of Willam Christensen in dance costume

Image of Lew Christensen and Lincoln Kirstein at an event

Image of Lew Christensen and Lincoln Kirstein backstage at a performance of Lew Christensen's Beauty and the Beast. Also includes four dancers from the performance and an unidentified man adjusting a dancer's costume
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